researched by Ronald Harper Parker, 1st son of Reginald Harold Parker and added to by the current  family members    


                                                     Henry Parker (1820-1885)

Mine Manager for the Slippery Lane Colliery  (Clough St. Hanley) and the Racecourse and Foxfield Collieries.                                          

                                            to      Margaret (Irish) Father Michael Ayres from Co. Cork

                                                     7 Children.

William (1st)...Evan (2)...Beniah (3)..Harper (4)...Seriah (5)...Agnus (6)...Nina (7).

Henry and his family were allowed to live in the east wing of ETRURIA HALL  Stoke - on - Trent (Josiah Wedgwood’s old home), (now a business and retail park )  Henry’s wife Margaret acted as the cook and cleaner to the Wedgwood family. Further knowledge of the old hall and it’s connections to the Parker family are known by Roy Parker, one of Henry’s grandsons via Seriah.

                                                       Henry’s Children.


1st William....A Joiner by trade, he lived in the Broom St. area of Hanley, no other info.


2nd Evan......  A Colliery Winding Engineman at Slippery Lane Pit (Hanley) an overwind of the cage occurred and two people killed, he was blamed and as result was sent to prison for 3 months (no other info on family etc)


3rd. Beniah...A Mining Engineer and the owner of a foot rail (an open drift coal mine) in the Wednesbury area of North Staffs. married to Helen (who lived to be 93 yrs with daughter Nellie finally).

5 Children resulted.....Maggie.....Fred......Ben.....Nellie....Harry.

The only information on these children is that Fred who worked with his father in the mining industry was killed in an accident at a steelworks who they were supplying coal to. Fred was also a mine surveyor. 

Ben married a Norwegian girl and they had one child a girl named Eileen. The eldest son Harry had two sons, Raymond and Gordon, both still alive in 1983 and addresses were at the time of writing:- Ray Parker at 7 Heathbrook Ave. Wallheath Kingswinford West Midlands.and Gordon Parker 23 Main Road Cleeve Bristol. , (more info to be called for)

 4th.Myles Harper.


2 Hill Street, Sneyd Green, Hanley. Born 1864. married Prudence Flackett in 1888.  Began work in the coal mines at age 12, was a Winding Engineman and was elected the secretary of the National Org. of Enginemen and Firemen. An Alderman of the Stoke-on-Trent City Council. A Labour M.P. for Hanley from Nov 1922 to his retirement in Oct 1924. He Was a J.P. for the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Died 14 Jan 1929. (all this info from House of Commons Library.)


Copy of Election Card issued to the people of the area in the election campaign in 1922:-

                            Vote, Vote, Vote for HARPER PARKER,

                            He’s the Man for Workingmen;

                            He’s a Hanley Man, and will do the best he can.

                            For the peace and progress of our native land.

Election Results...

                        Harper Parker....... .Lab......10742.

                        J. A. Seddon........... Ind.......6312.

                        J. H. Whitehouse.  Lib........4942.

The name Harper resulted from a connection to a company in the West Midlands called Harper & Bean Engineers with whom old Henry was closely associated. (lot of money in chancery as result of the death of Harper the engineer, never claimed, no family.

7 Children to Harper and Pru. namely:- Thomas, Horace, Reginald, Ronald, Ruth, Winnie, Millie.(all now deceased)

Thomas to Evelyn  2 children   Graham and Elaine.

Tom was an electrician for the local council, suffered with his health (chest trouble)  Graham a T V Engineer now in the hospital service as an orderly on the wards of the staffs hospital.


Horace to Alice  No children.

Horace was a mechanical fitter for the British Aluminium Co.

Alice was Floor Manageress for a clothing company in Biddulph Staffs. On their retirement they moved to Newton Poppleford near to Sidmouth in North Devon. They took in one Betty Rowley as their own, and adopted her.

She lived with them until their death, Alice dying finally in 1985. The estate was left to Betty who the same year moved back to her home town of Biddulph, where she still lives, now aged approx.70yrs.

Reginald to Blanche

2 children Ron and Alan. Reg was born on 13th March 1905 and died 25th June 1965 at 9 Kingston Ave Sneyd Green Stoke on Trent. Reg trained as an electrician with the Shelton Iron & Steel Co Ltd later taking an interest in trade union activities and became the Local Secretary for the National Union of Enginemen, Firemen, and Electrical Workers. Later taking the Post of National Sec of The Power Group of the National Union of Mineworkers until his death in 1965.

 Well known as a tough negotiator by the local and national employers, a hardened socialist following on from his father (Harper)

Blanche (born 12/7/1907 died 29/8/1984. A local Music Teacher with a degree in piano music.

Children...  Ronald Harper. (born 19/3/1937 ) The only one left with all this knowledge and thought it ought to be collated.

Started to work in the mining industry at 15 at Berryhill Colliery as an apprentice fitter, later progressing to Mechanic in Charge of the Mine at age 23. Left the mining industry to take a teaching post at the Stoke Technical College as Lecturer in Colliery Engineering, later progressing to Senior Lecturer in Dept of Mining, retiring voluntarily in Aug 1990 after 27 yrs teaching( phew what a stint)  (Now in possession of  old Henry’s Bible dated 1855 with his signature, this bible was finally tracked down to have been in the care of Horace and Alice Parker from whom I received it.

Married to Margaret on 10/09/1960  1 Child resulting.... Nigel Harper born 25/05/1969.

                        EMIGRATED TO AUSTRALIA    8/03/1993.

This was following our son Nigel who emigrated in Oct 1991 to Perth West Australia to marry, Kimberley an Australian girl, met as result of taking a bible land tour of Greece in 1987, the tour organized by Meander Travel of England included many Australians, hence the connection Their marriage took place in Perth Australia on 14/12/1991   Nigel is currently employed as the Finance Director of a fuel additives company. Kim works for a local Electrical Goods company as a sales consultant.

Nigel & Kimberley are now expecting their first child, due on 10th January 2001.


Alan Parker (born 18/Dec/1944.) Good schooling resulting eventually to him obtaining of a Higher National Certificate in Chemistry , and becoming a chartered fuel engineer. Working initially for Shelton Iron & Steel, later joining British Gas  as an industrial sales engineer.

This was followed by a venture into business, by using mother's knitting machine to manufacture initially hats and scarves. This lead to much bigger things, factory to factory purchases resulting in a multi-million pound company which was sold on his early retirement in 1996.

Married to Lynn in May 1964, 2 Children, Karen Jayne born 13/12 /1964 and Stephen David born 23/8/1967.

Divorced in 1972

Remarried to Valerie in 1974, this relationship produced a daughter Emma Louise, and was the partnership, which created the thriving clothing factories.

Divorced in 1995.

Remarried Gillian in Oct 1996, Retirement proving difficult, formed a new business venture in computer internet services called APANET.

Karen.... married Robert Keen  May 1997, son James Harper born 22/12/1997.

Stephen..... Married Julia 14/2/1998 owns a business writing computer software. A most recent addition to this family of a son Thomas Oliver  born  01/0/2000


Ronald Harper the 4th son of Harper Parker was born...1907  died April 1987. Never married and worked as a fitter- welder for ceramic manufacturer Bullers ltd. A very keen fisherman and gardener, making his home with Winnie (his sister) the youngest daughter. Win was born in 1903 and died in 1979..? aged 76.  Her working life was as a Librarian for Stoke-on-Trent City Libraries, and was a favourite auntie to all, staying a spinster, as she cared for her sick mother Prudence until her death. The family home was thus left in the hands of Ron & Win and when the estate was settled, they moved just a few yards away to set up home together at 24 Milton Road Sneyd Green.

A particular difficult time for them both because they seemed to blame these circumstances for having never married.


Ruth the 1st daughter married Tom ..........   1 child born , Shirley, who died suddenly in 1987 of a heart attack, aged 58. Shirley had married twice but no children resulted.

Millie the 2nd daughter emigrated to New Zealand........1940s approx ... No info.



The  5th son of Harper little known of his life (more info could follow) but 4 children resulted from the marriage:-  Violet , Frank, Minnie, Roy.

Violet died early in her life, cause unknown.

Frank ... no info.

Minnie had 2 children Derek and Joan lived in the area of cheadle staffs ( no other info)

Roy Parker ( 4th child) Died 1991 aged 79yrs Wife Gladys (died Feb.1998) They had one child John who married Angela, one son Stephen now aged about 15 yrs..

The family made their home in Kids grove S-O-T where John still lives and works as an office manager for Armitage Shanks Pottery. Angela has recently qualified as a Lawyer obtaining an honours degree in law.

Roy was an Accountant with the company Peat Marwick of S-O-T after spending most of his working life in office work and wages depts of companies in the area. He began his working life as an office boy at Etruria Hall used in his day by the Shelton Iron and Steel co ltd. It was here that he started in the wages dept as a clerk which led to him becoming an accountant. In this dept was the cashier Fred Wildblood , the founder of Blythe Colours Ltd who was sweet on Agnes ( old Henrys daughter)

Quote from Roy:-  “ I remember as a junior in the wages dept having to take all the unclaimed wages to Mr Wildblood each week, he always gave me a sixpence. When I asked him why he did this he said quite simply “ Your Aunt Agnes was my first sweetheart!”

Roy had many interesting excursions in to the depths of the old hall discovering the old benches that Wedgwood used to mix his pottery colours on, in this cellar was discovered the tunnel that he used to travel to his factory ( now a heritage site)

A dedicated Christian, Roy became a Jehovah’s Witness at the early age of 14 and stayed that way until his death at 79yrs. His family and other family members have followed along in this faith to this day.

6th Agnus (daughter) Died in early 20s  no other info.

7th Nina  (daughter) no info.


Current Family minus Emma, Nigel and Kimberley (picture taken on Ron's visit to the UK, summer 2000)

More pictures to follow in a few weeks when Kimberley gives birth plus when I root some out and scan them


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